July 1st Cash away Cingo Reminder



Hello People here,
Here at Dallas Associates of the Deaf, we will have our annual (every year on first week of July) as of their traditional, CINGO’s CASH AWAY!!! This will be held on Saturday, July first.
We will provide hamburgers and hotdogs (cook out on grill). I like for everyone to bring delicious / homemade dishes to the club to share with everyone.
**Try not to bring to many sweet such like cookies, etc.
We all need to eat good food for your and others health.
We will open doors at 4:00 PM
Food will be served at 530 PM
Game starts at 730 PM ( Please try to be on time )
$15 per person including food and Cingo
Can you please leave your comments here what will you bring and how excited will you be for give CINGO’s CASH AWAY?
If any question please contact Cingo’s Committee
Anthony T Jones
Javier Velez Ruiz
Jolene Arnold Velez
Katie Butler Stockton
Katie Laird

Thank you
Rj Smith
Dad’s President